meadow muffins_logo.png

We were given a unique class assignment to create a board game for any age demographic. We chose children, teens, and adults. Because as long as you like fun, it doesn't matter how old you are. You'd probably love a game about rainbow unicorn poop.

XD: Meghan Gaffney


Strap on your unicorn horn and enter the magical land of Meadow Muffins, where everyone is a unicorn, and the first one to poop wins! Fill out your poo cards with like-colored marbles in order to propel your colored poop piece down the board. But be careful, your opponents can curse you with constipation cards (move backwards) or the dreaded rainbow diarrhea cards (lose your marbles) - Oh no! If your poop piece exits your intestine first, you win! What a relief!



Meadow Muffins cutout.png




the marble dispenser