D&AD New Blood Awards 2019 Submission

Our team made Bacardi synonymous with the best moments of summer by putting the power of music, dance, and art to work. Introducing Bacardi Nonstop Summer — a global experience featuring worldwide dance parties, a live-streamed playlist, self-powered dance floors, and other interactive technologies.

CW: Nick Waddell | XD: Ray Zhang | ST: Chorong Kim | CBM: Ashley Devereux


concept video


summer-long music


nonstop summer playlist


From the beginning to the end of summer, Bacardi will livestream a ubiquitous nonstop summer playlist, featuring established and up-and-coming artists.




The playlist will feature pre-selected songs as well as live performances, seamlessly rolled into a single set of uninterrupted music.


streaming winners


When the streaming participation reaches a certain threshold, randomly selected listeners will be given the chance to attend an upcoming nonstop summer party of their choosing.


the launch



The Bacardí Nonstop Summer will kickoff with a series of dance parties all over the world, spanning from Miami to Tokyo.


the design

party boats and photo booths


The party venues will be designed to reflect the ongoing nature of the nonstop summer experience. Party boats will be serving up drinks, and photo booths will provide perfect opportunities for participants to capture those unforgettable summer moments.

tikit boat 2_0012.jpg
tikit boat 1_0012.jpg

the dance floors


A DJ booth will be found in the center of the events, surrounded by rotating LED dance floors, self-powered by piezoelectricity — to encourage people to keep moving.

Stage+Dance Floor Render 2.jpg
Stage+Dance Floor Render 5.jpg
Stage+Dance Floor Render 4.jpg


popup events

Participants around the world will be able to join in through popup events, featuring two-way screens that project themselves into the party using motion-tracking technology.

travel party.png

special edition packaging


vr goggles

We’ll also introduce limited edition packaging that can be transformed into VR goggles, so Bacardi lovers everywhere can plug in and join the party wherever they are. 

AR Package copy.png
VR Guy.png

By harnessing nonstop music and movement, Bacardi will establish itself as the ultimate summer brand.